These pages contain Enrolment and Voting Statistics from the General Election held on 26th November 2011
1 Overall results
   1.1   Summary of overall results    csv
   1.2   Elected members of Parliament  
2 General Statistics
   2.1   Party votes and turnout by Electorate    csv
   2.2   Electorate Candidate votes and turnout by Electorate    csv
   2.3   Party special declaration votes by Electorate    csv
   2.4   Electorate Candidate special declaration votes by Electorate    csv
   2.5   Analysis of special declaration votes disallowed    csv
3 Allocation of List Seats
   3.1   Sainte-Laguë Formula Explained  
   3.2   Actual Quotients for Party List Seat Allocation    csv
   3.3   Party Lists of Successful Registered Parties    csv
   3.4   Party Lists of Unsuccessful Registered Parties    csv
4 Summary of votes by electorate
   4.1   Votes for Registered Parties by Electorate    csv
   4.2   Percentage of Votes for Registered Parties    csv
   4.3   Winning Electorate Candidate Votes    csv
   4.4   Percentage of Electorate Candidate Votes of successful registered parties    csv
5 Split Vote Analysis
   5.1   Split Vote Reports  
6 Polling Place analysis by electorate
   6.1   Electorate Candidate and Party votes recorded at each polling place   
7 Results of the Referendum on the Voting System
   7.1   Summary of overall referendum results   
   7.2   Referendum Results by Electorate   
   7.3   Referendum Split Vote Analysis   
   7.4   Referendum Results Recorded at each Polling Place    csv   txt   xls
8 Electorate Maps
   8.1   New Zealand electorate maps   
   8.2   Polling Place Geographic Coordinates (NZTM2000 projection)
           Note that the coordinates are approximate only and their accuracy is not guaranteed
   csv   txt   xls
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